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Baljer Zembrod OBX V-24

Baljer Zembrod OBX V-24

The stationary balance crane OBX V-24 from Baljer Zembrod works according to the lever principle. Regardless of the crane’s position the machine is always in equilibrium, using energy solemnly for hauling the material load.

The load is distributed evenly over the entire crane, saving energy and providing the device with high stability. The crane has a lifting capacity of 2.5 tons and has a range of 13.5 meters. The glazed panoramic cab can be attached either on the left or right side of the crane since it is equipped with doors on either side. Optimal fields of application are the recycling and wood industry.

Technical Data
Load capacity:

2,5 t

Max. Range:

13,55 m

Engine power:

45 kW


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Industry, Wood handling, Port handling, Scrap handling, Recycling